Amalthea BV hived off

18 February 2014

As a result of the sale of shares to entrepreneur Joop de Groot from Bodegraven by Coöperatie Amalthea UA and ZLTO Amalthea BV is to continue operating as an independent business.

The production company will purchase all available goat’s milk from Coöperatie Amalthea. The sale of the shares is a direct consequence of the previous acquisition of Zijerveld by FrieslandCampina. Under European competition rules, the exclusive joint venture between Amalthea BV and Zijerveld had to be terminated. This joint venture has given Amalthea BV a strong market position in recent years. This successful joint venture in the chain enabled Coöperatie Amalthea to pay its members a more than market-compatible milk price over the past few years. Zijerveld, which is now owned by FrieslandCampina, will also be an important customer in the future.