Politicians on working visit at FrieslandCampina

3 February 2014

In the run-up to the municipal council elections, FrieslandCampina’s major investment projects in Borculo, Bedum and Beilen are drawing the attention of national, provincial and regional politicians.

The investment activities are giving an impetus to the local and regional economy and this prompted local and national representatives of the Dutch Christian Democratic Party CDA (Borculo) and the Dutch Liberal Party VVD (Bedum) to request FrieslandCampina to keep them informed of the progress of these developments and the anticipated positive effects for the local economy and employment. All this within the context of the upcoming municipal council elections.

A delegation of the CDA kicked off the election campaign for the municipal council elections on 19 March last week with a working visit to the dairy company’s new location in Borculo. A VVD delegation followed suit with a working visit to the production plant in Bedum on Monday 2 February.