LTO and NZO establish ZuivelNL

8 January 2014

LTO Nederland (the Dutch Federation of Agriculture and Horticulture) and the Dutch Dairy Association (NZO) today established ZuivelNL, an organisation representing the dairy chain. The announcement was made at a meeting in The Hague on January 8.

NZO and LTO Nederland’s dairy farming sector have jointly created ZuivelNL to strengthen the Dutch dairy chain. The two organisations are keen to share the initiative with other stakeholders who are linked to the dairy sector. For this reason, ZuivelNL will provide a platform for dialogue with representatives of the animals feed industry, veterinarians, the dairy trade and the retail sector. Representatives of these sectors can take part in the various theme groups that ZuivelNL will set up to address a number of different issues, such as food safety, animal health and welfare, knowledge, innovation and increased sustainability.

Tasks and financing
ZuivelNL will also be performing a number of other tasks, such as gathering information on the market and establishing and facilitating a veterinary export point. This is designed to prevent (potential) trade barriers from arising and to remove them as soon as possible if necessary.
ZuivelNL will be financed by the dairy industry and the dairy farming sector. Dairy farmers will make a contribution of 5 eurocents per 100 kilograms, which is comparable to what they currently pay the Dutch Dairy Board. They will therefore be unaffected in financial terms.

Dairy industry key economical driver
The Dutch dairy farming sector and dairy industry represent a combined production value of 11 billion euros. In terms of size, the sector accounts for around one-sixth of the food industry in the Netherlands. The dairy sector is one of the key drivers of the Dutch economy, providing 45,000 direct jobs and generating 9% of the Dutch trade surplus.

LTO Nederland represents approximately 11,500 dairy farmers who produce a total of nearly 70% of all cow’s milk in the Netherlands. The NZO is the sector organisation for the Dutch dairy industry. It represents 13 dairy companies, which together process 98% of all cow’s milk in the Netherlands.

From left to right: Kees Romijn (LTO Melkveehouderij), Manon Cremers (notariskantoor Stibbe), Cees ’t Hart (NZO) en Vincent Dijs (Stibbe)