More renewable energy for FrieslandCampina Borculo

21 November 2013

For the new development at its Borculo production site, FrieslandCampina has opted for biomass-based energy, taking a new step towards climate-neutral growth. By using brand-new technology, which involves heating without oxygen (pyrolysis), an oil is produced from renewable biomass with very low carbon emissions. FrieslandCampina will be sourcing this energy exclusively for all of the production site in Borculo.

In its continuing quest for sustainable products and services, the FrieslandCampina Utilities procurement team, working with FrieslandCampina Borculo, has secured this sustainable innovation and signed the contract. The SDE+ subsidy, made available by Agentschap NL (NL Agency), played an important role in the process.

“Climate-neutral growth, the use of renewable energy and the pursuit of efficient and sustainable production chains are important sustainability targets as defined in the route2020 strategy. By opting for this fuel, we are increasing the share of renewable energy in our energy mix”, said Frank van Ooijen, Director Sustainability.

By signing this contract, foundations have also been laid for the construction of the factory where the Empyro manufacturer will produce the renewable pyrolysis oil. FrieslandCampina will purchase pyrolysis oil for a period of 12 years to generate steam for the production of milk powder.

As a result of using this fuel, the immediate carbon emissions for the entire Borculo site –one of the group’s larger dairy factories – will be reduced by 15 percent. This will generate a substantial saving on fossil fuels (10 million m³ natural gas and 16,000 tonnes of carbon reduction, which corresponds with the carbon emissions of nearly 2,000 households annually in The Netherlands).

”This contract is a new step towards increasing the sustainability of our energy procurement portfolio. As such, FrieslandCampina is the first buyer of Empyro to apply this innovative biofuel on a substantial scale. Needless to say, we are proud of this exclusive agreement and the cooperation with our partner, BTG-Empyro”, said Tim Schröder, Category Procurement Manager FrieslandCampina.

“As a result of the long-term contract we have signed, FrieslandCampina is enabling the application of this innovation on a commercial scale. The pyrolysis oil produced here is made from waste streams that meet the NTA 8080 standard for biomass. A unique project for renewable energy and reduction of CO2” said Gerhard Muggen, Managing Director of BTG Bioliquids BV – Empyro BV.