FrieslandCampina Vietnam’s healthy journey

8 October 2013

Started in mid-2013, the journey of “Two million milk boxes” initiated by FrieslandCampina Vietnam has covered a long way, reaching out to millions of mothers and children especially in rural areas. The journey is part of FrieslandCampina’s commitments to improving nutrition conditions, health and stature of Vietnamese children.

According to the Southeast Asia Nutrition Survey 2013 (SEANUTS) that FrieslandCampina has carried out together with local research institutes, over 50% of Vietnamese children have suffered a nutritious imbalance, of which malnutrition among rural kids is much more critical than those in cities. Therefore, FrieslandCampina Vietnam launched the two-million-milk-box journey and 90 nutrition festivals to contribute to comprehensive development of Vietnamese children and improve knowledge of nutrition for parents in rural areas. As of the end of August, the program had come to over 800 villages and communes while nearly 70 nutrition festivals had been organized, drawing participation of over 130,000 mothers across the country.

Through the “Two million milk boxes” journey, it is visible that rural kids are thirsty for milk while parents are hungry for information. Especially, in remote areas and hinterlands, children usually grow up naturally. Many mothers attending the festivals were concerned about how to bring best nutrition diets to their children with affordable conditions. FrieslandCampina Vietnam staff visited many families to listen to parents’ expectations and give advice on nutrition. Also nutrition experts have given advice to mothers to help them improve nutritious conditions for their kids.