FrieslandCampina sells Société Industrielle Fromagère SAS to Rupp AG

30 September 2013

The Austrian company Rupp AG and Royal FrieslandCampina have reached agreement on the sale of Société Industrielle Fromagère SAS, a subsidiary of FrieslandCampina France SAS.

The transaction involves the sale of 100% of the share capital of Société Industrielle Fromagère SAS, producer of processed cheese in Charmoille, France. The transaction will be concluded on 30 September 2013. The management and personnel (totalling eight people) of Société Industrielle Fromagère are being transferred with the company to the new owner. By acquiring Société Industrielle Fromagère SAS, Rupp endeavours to increase the production and sale of cheese as an ingredient in France.

Austrian company Rupp produces processed cheese in all conceivable forms and varieties, both for the end user and for further processing in the food industry. They also produce cheese ingredients. Rupp’s products are sold all over the world.