FrieslandCampina announces new geographical subdivision

24 September 2013

With effect from 1 October 2013, FrieslandCampina will be dividing its consumer activities between two new business groups: Consumer Products Asia and Consumer Products Europe, Middle East & Africa. The new geographical subdivision will help to better facilitate growth in Asia and Africa. These activities were previously divided between the Consumer Products Europe and Consumer Products International business groups. Consumer Products International included all the organisation’s activities outside Europe. This new restructuring is part of FrieslandCampina’s route2020 strategy.

Putting Asia into a separate business group, Consumer Products Asia, will allow the company to respond better and faster to constantly changing market conditions, the ongoing expansion of its Asian activities and the specific demands made by Asian buyers and consumers. It will also make it easier to bring product categories, customer approach strategies and marketing activities in the various countries throughout the region into closer alignment.

 Placing the activities of FrieslandCampina in Europe, the Middle East and Africa in a single business group will enable the company to benefit from cross-regional consumer preferences for brand products and specific types of dairy. The focus will shift towards expanding value-added products in the sphere of evaporated milk, cheese and infant & toddler nutrition. The move will also yield a number of practical advantages with regard to management, scope, complexity and logistics.

FrieslandCampina WAMCO Nigeria, FrieslandCampina Middle East, FrieslandCampina West Africa and FrieslandCampina Leeuwarden will thus be transferred from Consumer Products International to Consumer Products Europe, Middle East & Africa.

Roles and responsibilities
The restructuring exercise will alter  some  roles and responsibilities. Freek Rijna will now be responsible for Consumer Products Asia as Chief Operating Officer and will continue to operate from Singapore. Gregory Sklikas will be Executive Director with responsibility for Consumer Products Europe, Middle East & Africa, and will continue to be based in Amersfoort.