Part of FrieslandCampina’s Belgian milk suppliers switches to Limelco

1 June 2013

From 1 June 2013, Limburg-based dairy producer Limelco has had its own milk suppliers. Over 98% of FrieslandCampina’s Belgian dairy farmers, who are responsible for about 125 million litres of milk in total, have made the transition to Limelco. In March, the two dairy companies announced that they intended to allow suppliers to switch in an effort to better align the purchase of Belgian milk to the requirements of both companies.

This transition will help Limelco to streamline its production of consumer products and its industrial activities, including the production of skimmed milk powders. To this end, Limelco was looking to achieve a more broad-based supply of milk.

Limelco uses purchase and collection company Belgian Milk Company (BMC) to purchase the milk from dairy farmers in Limburg, Antwerp, Flemish and Walloon Brabant, Liege, Namur and Hainaut. Limelco guarantees these dairy farmers that it will purchase and process their milk for several years, offers them growth opportunities and a constructive dialogue model.

FrieslandCampina will continue to collect and process milk from all its suppliers in East and West Flanders, from suppliers of Campina milk and from its member dairy farmers in Belgium. This agreement will have no impact on FrieslandCampina’s Belgian product range. FrieslandCampina currently has around 975 suppliers and 30 member dairy farmers in Belgium.