FrieslandCampina Germany announces investment and optimisation programme

10 December 2012

Over the coming months and years FrieslandCampina Germany plans to make major investments in its German plants and their infrastructures as well as in its ‘Landliebe’ core brand. The facilities in Cologne, Gütersloh and Heilbronn are to be modernised, while production and administration processes are to be optimised with a view to cutting costs. The aim of the investment programme is to strengthen the company’s competitiveness in Germany. With these investments, FrieslandCampina is clearly indicating its commitment to the German market and to its German brands.

With the German market for dairy products so intensely competitive, additional measures need to be taken. So the number of employees will be reduced with about 230 in total by eliminating jobs in Cologne, Gütersloh and Heilbronn. However, the company will not be closing down any plants.

FrieslandCampina will be beginning negotiations with the works councils immediately; for all parties involved, these negotiations will be conducted in a careful and responsible manner. The company also attaches great importance to helping the employees affected to relaunch their professional careers.