FrieslandCampina and Agriterra win Business Development Award

22 November 2012

Young professionals and managers from around 60 companies, NGOs and government bodies competed at The Partnership Election (De Partnership Verkiezing) for an award by compiling a business case for an investment in a developing country. FrieslandCampina and Agriterra wrote a business case to combat malnutrition in Kenya and were awarded first prize. The prize consists of 20,000 euros worth of media to be used at and 5,000 euros in start-up capital.

The business case in brief
Approximately one-third of Kenyans is malnourished. Dairy can help to solve this problem. Kenya produces five billion kilos of milk every year, of which around one billion kilos is wasted. This is the equivalent of two glasses of milk for each Kenyan every week. In addition, cooperatives can contribute to finding a solution.

Cooperatives offer farmers guaranteed sales and a good price for their milk. They produce a range of dairy products themselves. Local distributors ensure a stable distribution network.


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