Cheese Supply Chain team wins international competition

19 September 2012

Last Friday, the Cheese supply chain team took part in the Fresh Connection world final in Barcelona. The team had previously won the Dutch final. Five employees of the supply chain team were assessed on how they managed a fictitious organisation via an online internet game.

The participants all had different roles and responsibilities in the organisation. In its report, the jury praised the winners for their excellent collaboration in the chain, their in-depth knowledge and their decision-making skills.

300 teams globally
René Steur, Adzer Mulder, Rick van de Mortel, Ruud Kloosterman and Chris Mangnus went into battle with participants from multinationals such as Volvo, Mars and Philip Morris. Globally, 300 teams took part in the Fresh Connection.

Collaboration, action and communication
The competition allows participants to demonstrate how they collaborate effectively within a team, translate strategy into action and develop a structured communications process.