5,000 farmers will visit Dutch homes to spread the ‘milk message’

23 May 2012

On Wednesday 23 May, over 5,000 FrieslandCampina dairy farmers from all over the Netherlands will be calling on householders to explain where their milk comes from. They will visit a total of more than 350,000 homes in their neighbourhoods to explain to consumers that Campina milk is locally produced and comes from Dutch cows that spend much of the year grazing outdoors. The farmers will be supported in their mass ‘invasion’ of 135 towns and villages by most of FrieslandCampina’s office and production staff. On this special day, over 1,200 FrieslandCampina employees will be exchanging their desks and equipment for a visit to consumers’ homes.

Code on packaging shows farms where the milk comes from
To press their message home, the farmers will be giving householders a free ‘special edition’ of a 1-litre carton of semi-skimmed milk. Campina also has something new for shoppers who want to trace the origin of the milk they’ve bought in the supermarket. You can now find out exactly which farms Campina milk and buttermilk come from, just as you already can with Campina Boerenland products. Consumers simply enter the code on the packaging at www.campina.nl. Campina is the only dairy company which can process approximately 150 million litres of milk from selected farms in a way that shows where it comes from.

Link between the grazing cow and the milk in your fridge
The home visits initiative and the new packaging code for traceability is a further step towards transparency for Campina. ‘We’re managing the entire chain from grass to glass,’ explains Bas van den Berg, Managing Director of FrieslandCampina Branded Netherlands/Belgium. ‘Our dairy farmers can’t wait to communicate their pride, passion and professionalism to their local communities. On 9 April, many of these farmers welcomed a total of 100,000 consumers during the Campina Open Farm Days. Now they’re going out themselves to tell their story to consumers. It’s a great way to demonstrate the link between the grazing cow and the carton of milk in your fridge.’

Photo and video material available online
On Wednesday 23 May, photos and videos will be shot throughout the Netherlands, including from helicopters. This material can be downloaded free of copyright from www.campinadichtbijpers.nl (Dutch).
See www.campina.nl (Dutch) for all the latest developments surrounding this initiative.