FrieslandCampina DMV receives Japanese award for sustainable improvement programme

22 March 2012

FrieslandCampina DMV in Veghel, a division of the business group Ingredients, has won the TPM Excellence Award for its success in stimulating staff on the shop floor to realise sustainable improvements across the chain. The award, which is granted by the leading Japanese Institute of Plant Maintenance, recognised DMV’s efforts in the areas of energy savings, improving machine yield, reduction of disruptions, decreasing raw materials wastage as well as enhanced information provision. The programme has realised more than 10 million euros in structural improvements since its launch in 2007.

Herman Sips, Director of FrieslandCampina DMV in Veghel: ‘As an organisation, we are very pleased with this prize. We used a method developed in Japan for our improvement programme. Through trial and error these methods teach you to develop improvement tools that are appropriate to your particular situation rather than just adapting a method designed for others. You also learn that improvement should be fun: you’ll only achieve results if everyone in the company enjoys the process. That was the key factor in our success. All staff members are truly committed to developing and implementing sustainable improvements.’

FrieslandCampina DMV processes vast quantities of milk. Four sales offices in Europe, America and Asia are managed from FrieslandCampina DMV in the Netherlands. DMV’s dairy ingredients are marketed under different brand names such as Excellion, Esprion, Textrion and Lactoval. These ingredients find their way to 100 countries via a network of sales agents and distributers.

The Japanese Institute of Plant Maintenance was founded in 1969 and has since grown to become a world authority in the field of sustainable improvement. The Institute aims to contribute to a healthy living environment by helping companies produce more optimally and efficiently. The Institute’s focus is on what it refers to as ‘real value’. That means, for instance, looking at the entire production chain within a company. The Institute awards the TPM Excellence Award to companies that perform well in the field of sustainable improvement throughout the chain.