FrieslandCampina and the Red Cross join forces to reduce malnutrition and hunger

1 March 2012

FrieslandCampina and the Dutch Red Cross are joining forces by entering into a joint venture for the next five years. On 29 February, the contract was signed by FrieslandCampina’s CEO, Cees ’t Hart and Managing Director of the Dutch Red Cross, Cees Breedeveld. FrieslandCampina will be supporting national and international projects run by the Red Cross.

According to Frank Asser, Manager Corporate Partnerships of the Dutch Red Cross, it was a special moment: “The joint venture with FrieslandCampina has a lot of added value for the Red Cross. We will be looking into opportunities to provide the victims of global disasters with nutrient-rich food. With FrieslandCampina’s expertise and the extensive global reach of both organisations, the Red Cross will be able to offer even more help to the many people affected by disasters.
Red Cross food aid
Following a disaster, the Red Cross swings into action straight away. The number one priority is to save lives. Disasters have a huge impact on people. Lives are destroyed as a result of the loss of loved ones, houses and food supplies.
Virtually every kind of disaster requires food aid because food supplies are destroyed, harvests fail or agricultural land is washed away. When we put together food parcels, we select highly nutritious food, tailored to the requirements and customs of the local population.
Milk from FrieslandCampina
There is a fundamental need in the world for nutritious food. This need is even greater when people are affected by a disaster. Milk is naturally one of the richest sources of nutrition and the basis for many dairy products. After all, milk contains essential nutrients such as proteins, fats, lactose, vitamins and minerals.
One of FrieslandCampina’s focuses is therefore to reduce malnutrition and hunger. This clearly links in closely with the national and international goals of the Red Cross.
Employee involvement
Employees of FrieslandCampina also feel part of this joint venture. For example, they recently made a nice donation by taking part in the Zevenheuvelenloop (seven hills) road race. They also supported the Serious Request campaign and made a great contribution to the Glass House (a fund raising campaign for the Red Cross).