FrieslandCampina and CRV join forces to increase sustainability of dairy farming

8 February 2012

FrieslandCampina and CRV are joining forces to support dairy farmers in improving the sustainability of their business operations. On 8 February, the chairmen of the two cooperatives signed a declaration of intent with this in mind. Both organisations are thereby responding to the social developments relating to sustainable dairy farming and food production.

The essence of the cooperation is that FrieslandCampina and CRV will be investigating how they can offer their member dairy farmers the tools they need to support them in improving the sustainability of their business operations. Themes that could be discussed include:
• Responsible veterinary medicine use
• Improved udder health
• Improved claw health
• Improved mineral utilisation

During the course of 2012, this collaboration should result in specific initiatives. CRV is in a position to provide FrieslandCampina with key figures that will assist member dairy farmers in their management activities. FrieslandCampina will then be able to use this information as input for example for workshops to be organised for member dairy farmers wishing to improve udder health on their dairy farms.
We also expect both cooperatives to jointly develop new management tools and further expand existing products.

Sustainability high on the agenda
The cooperative venture confirms the solid attention focused by both cooperatives on sustainability. At FrieslandCampina, sustainability plays an important role in the route2020 strategy. Starting in 2012, FrieslandCampina has placed sustainability, food safety and quality within its Foqus planet project, whereby member dairy farmers are for example provided information and support for improving the sustainability of dairy farming.

CRV is market leader in the field of cattle breeding and management support for cattle farmers. Throughout its work, CRV focuses considerable attention on sustainability and health in its breeding policy, and the development of management tools.

On the basis of their market position, FrieslandCampina and CRV are able to oversee the entire dairy production chain. They view a proactive policy in the field of sustainability as an essential precondition for establishing further social acceptance.