Dutch Multinationals start Dutch Sustainable Growth Coalition

27 January 2012

A group of Dutch multinationals has launched the Dutch Sustainable Growth Coalition (DSGC) to jointly drive and promote sustainable growth business models. The group consists of Akzo Nobel, DSM, FrieslandCampina, Heineken, KLM, Philips, Shell and Unilever, is supported by the Dutch Employers Federation VNO-NCW and facilitated by Ernst & Young. The Coalition was announced at the World Economic Forum in Davos yesterday by Jan Peter Balkenende, chair of the DSGC, partner at Ernst & Young and former Dutch Prime Minister.

The Dutch Sustainable Growth Coalition is a group of Dutch Multinationals that have the ambition to contribute towards a more sustainable world. Over the past decade Dutch multinationals have embedded sustainability in their organization as a business driver and this is being recognized by sustainability benchmarks. The companies share the vision that financial and economic business growth is linked to environmental and social returns and that this sustainable growth model is the business model of the future.

Shape, Share and Stimulate
DSGC members have committed to pro actively drive sustainable growth models along the lines Shape, Share and Stimulate:

  • Shape sustainable business strategies towards a shared value business model.
  • Share good practice examples with international and Dutch business communities, governments, consumers, investors and civil society including NGO’s and universities.
  • Stimulate debates through thought leadership and the developing of policy recommendations to help create the right framework conditions to promote sustainable growth.

Integrated sustainability
The Dutch Sustainable Growth Coalition shares the belief that our future world needs to be sustainable. There is increasing awareness that with a world population reaching nine billion people by 2050, challenges relating to increased production and consumption, scarcity of resources, social inequality and global climate change are of vital importance. The ability of business to create innovative solutions for these challenges is growing. Especially when sustainability is fully integrated in the companies’ business models. Many Dutch multinationals are already operating along these lines. It is their firm conviction that a sustainable growth business model will lead to strengthening of competitive advantage. Environmental impact reduction and creating social value is a stimulus for business and sustainability has become a business growth driver.