Atsma: ambitious sustainability policy FrieslandCampina

20 January 2012

The cooperation of the business community is essential in order to realise the sustainability agenda set out by the current administration. State Secretary Atsma was extensively informed by Cees ’t Hart, CEO Royal FrieslandCampina, on our organisation’s efforts to this end on Thursday morning, 19 January. During a working visit to the production company FrieslandCampina Leeuwarden, the State Secretary was brought up to date on the organisation’s strategy – route2020 – and its sustainability programme.

Cees ’t Hart explained the details of the strategy and the sustainability policy upheld by FrieslandCampina and its member dairy farmers. Time was also taken to reflect on the consequences of the abolition of the milk quota in 2015. Following the discussions, the State Secretary visited the FrieslandCampina Leeuwarden production location where condensed milk is produced primarily for export purposes.

Atsma was impressed. ‘This dairy organisation is among the world leaders in the agro and food sector. Their sustainability agenda is ambitious and these are ambitions I heartily support as they contribute to this administration’s objectives to make the transition to a green economy. An economy in which we deal responsibly with natural resources and scarcity of raw materials. It is impressive what FrieslandCampina is doing to become climate and energy neutral by 2020. Their sustainability policy is not limited to their own production companies but affects the entire chain: from their 14,800 member dairy farmers right through to the feed sector and their own suppliers.’
Atsma affirmed that FrieslandCampina has mapped out a hopeful future perspective for its organisation. ‘It’s entirely understandable and only right that they also retain scope for entrepreneurship’, Atsma pointed out at the end of his working visit.