International market positioning for cheese brand Milner

5 October 2011

Milner cheese, made from semi-skimmed milk, has now been on the market for 20 years. After being launched in the Netherlands, Milner went on to be sold in Belgium, Greece and Spain. The brand’s image in these countries varied widely and as Milner wanted to change that, it was decided the time was ripe to embark on international market positioning tactics. An element of this fresh approach is the new packaging design, which radiates vitality and clearly conveys that Milner is a cheese for everyone. As Milner is made from semi-skimmed milk, a light blue colour was chosen.

Milner was introduced at different times in different countries: twenty years ago in the Netherlands and Belgium, ten years ago in Greece and two years ago in Spain. The brand was positioned differently in each country. Whereas in the Netherlands Milner is largely associated with dieting and eaten mostly by women, in Greece the cheese is eaten by the whole family. Spanish consumers of Milner are generally young families.

Different packaging
In the Netherlands and Belgium, each variety came in its own colour packaging while in Spain and Greece, the packaging had always been blue.
One element of the new brand positioning was therefore an updated packaging design. The end result radiates vitality and clearly conveys that Milner is intended for everyone. Because Milner is made from semi-skimmed milk, it was decided that light blue was the most appropriate colour. Light blue is the colour of semi-skimmed milk packaging.

The new cheese packs have been available in supermarkets in Greece, Belgium and the Netherlands for a few months now. But the appearance of the products is not the only thing that has changed. All varieties are now packed in seal fresh containers that are easy to open and reseal, ensuring the cheese stays fresh for longer. At the beginning of 2012, the new Milner packaging will also be launched in Spanish supermarkets. That means all 51 Milner products will have converted to the new packaging.