FrieslandCampina supports manure fermentation pilot projects at dairy farms

5 October 2011

FrieslandCampina, energy company, Essent, and the green gas production company, Nederlandse Groen Gas Maatschappij (NGGM), plan to run two Biogas XL projects over the next two years. The idea is to produce and liquidise biogas via small-scale manure fermentation at two FrieslandCampina dairy farms

The liquid biogas can then be used as fuel in the transport sector. Together with the government, opportunities are being investigated to shorten and simplify the licensing procedure. The long-term goal is to run 125 of these Biogas XL projects nationally. The greatest biogas potential in the Netherlands is on the farm.

In the province of Friesland, FrieslandCampina is involved in a project with the dairy farmer, Stokman, in Koudum, fermentation installation constructor, Horst, and grid manager, Enexus. It concerns a feasibility study for the supply of biogas by a number of dairy farms to the FrieslandCampina Cheese production site in Workum.

On Monday, 3 October, the Minister of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, Maxime Verhagen, concluded a so-called Green Deal with the parties involved.