Cheese from the province of Noord Holland now also available in Germany

19 August 2011

FrieslandCampina’s Noord-Holland cheese with the protected designation of origin of the European Union has been available in German cheese shops for the past few months. The exclusive origin of the cheese from the province of Noord Holland is guaranteed by the red EU seal. Noord Holland cheese has already been on sale for many years in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Noord Holland cheese from FrieslandCampina bears the red seal depicting the cheese carriers because the milk for the cheese comes exclusively from the province of Noord Holland and all production and maturing phases take place there. The special taste of the cheese stems from the fact that the cows graze on typical salt meadows and from the traditional recipe.

Market research has revealed that this special combination is consistent with the taste of the German consumer. Authentic, regional products are popular and consumers who buy for enjoyment, are willing to pay more for high-quality products.