FrieslandCampina publishes its 2010 CSR Report

15 July 2011

FrieslandCampina has published its 2010 CSR Report. The formulation of its route2020 business strategy in 2010 led Royal FrieslandCampina N.V. to revise its CSR mission, vision and strategy. At the forefront of its CSR approach is the commitment to striving to only achieve future growth in a climate-neural manner. To achieve this challenging goal, in 2010 FrieslandCampina worked hard on the further crystallisation of its CSR efforts and made good progress in a number of fields. The Report explains the efforts made during 2010, including the purchase of sustainable raw materials such as palm oil, cocoa and packaging materials, the green certification of the Cooperative’s member dairy farmers and the new initiatives in the pipeline.

The targets achieved during 2010 include a new Code of Conduct and Whistle-blower’s Regulation; the implementation of the Foqus Food Safety & Quality system, improvement programmes under the umbrella of Continuous Improvement and the implementation of a Performance Management System. The purchase of sustainable electricity for the production facilities is an on-going process. In 2010, 22.5 percent of the electricity used by FrieslandCampina in the Netherlands was purchased sustainably. The target is to increase this to 100 percent in 2020.

Entire dairy chain
Cees ‘t Hart, CEO: ‘FrieslandCampina is demonstrating its social added-value throughout the entire chain: by developing sustainable dairy farming, by producing and marketing food that contributes towards health and well-being, by processing milk in its production facilities in a sustainable manner and by supporting dairy farmers in emerging markets in Asia and Africa. It’s not just about the responsible use of scarce raw materials, energy, water and other natural resources in order to reduce FrieslandCampina’s burden on the environment, it’s also about making a positive contribution towards the communities in which FrieslandCampina is active.’

Four pilars
FrieslandCampina’s CSR strategy is built on four pillars. Two of these – sustainable dairy farming and sustainable production chains – are aimed at the continuous reduction of the burden its activities place on the environment. The nutrition & health pillar relates primarily to combating undernourishment and obesity. With the fourth pillar– the development of dairy farming in Asia and Africa – FrieslandCampina wants to provide active support to farmers in these regions and, by so doing, help improve local food supplies and contribute towards rural development. The foundations of FrieslandCampina’s CSR strategy are formed by an active personnel policy and the implementation and safeguarding of CSR throughout the entire organisation.