Black & White: a significant part of local culture for more than 70 years

5 July 2011

This year, FrieslandCampina Hong Kong will celebrate Black & White’s seventieth year on the market. Black & White was one of the first brands of condensed milk available in Hong Kong and now has an important place in the hearts of customers, consumers and employees of FrieslandCampina Hong Kong.

The lives of the inhabitants of Hong Kong are closely connected with tea shops, local restaurants where people enjoy food and drink tea. Tea with milk served in the Hong Kong fashion is extremely popular and goes back to the days of British colonialism. Originally, the inhabitants were influenced by English customs, such as drinking Ceylon tea with milk and sugar, but in Hong Kong there was a need for a stronger flavour. Hence a stronger blend of tea leaves was combined with the smoothness and aroma of full-cream condensed milk. Black & White, produced in Leeuwarden (the Netherlands), proved to be the perfect addition to tea.

Over seventy per cent of Hong Kong’s tea shops have added Black & White full-cream milk to tea for seventy years. To celebrate the brand’s anniversary, the FrieslandCampina Hong Kong team launched a marketing campaign aimed at increasing the consumption of Black & White, strengthening the brand’s image and maintaining brand loyalty in tea shops. The kickoff event held on 10 May drew some 20,000 visitors and, even though it was a national holiday, half of the employees turned up to help out. Seven hundred cups of tea with milk were handed out to consumers and all 350 Black & White special edition cups were sold out in less than one hour.

Photo contest
A promotional campaign was also created specifically for young people. When they sent a photo through Facebook of a cup from which they had drunk tea in a tea shop, they were given seven tea cups with illustrations depicting seventy years of tea shop culture. Immediately following the launch of the campaign, the number of Black & White fans on Facebook shot up from 3600 to 11,000. The first series of tea cups was sold out in just two weeks. These promotional campaigns had a positive effect on Black & White and increased the number of visitors to tea shops.