FrieslandCampina celebrates World Milk Day

1 June 2011

Employees of FrieslandCampina in several countries have celebrated World Milk Day today. In Malaysia FrieslandCampina has celebrated World Milk Day with consumers. World Milk Day has been initiated by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO).

Celebrating World Milk Day has been a tradition for FrieslandCampina Malaysia in the recent years. This year, on Sunday 29 May, FrieslandCampina had a huge event. “We chose a Sunday to be able to attract an audience of several thousands of people and as much media attention as possible. This was a great success”, says Bas van den Berg, managing director FrieslandCampina Malaysia. This year there was a taste election with the slogan ‘Choose your favourite flavour so you better enjoy all the goodness of milk. Drink more, do more’. Each of the four flavours of milk drinks was linked to a local celebrity. World Milk Day was the culmination of a campaign that lasted three weeks. The election attracted one million unique visitors on a special Dutch Lady Facebook page and resulted in 232,000 votes.

Employees’ breakfast with dairy
In several locations employees of FrieslandCampina celebrated World Milk Day.
The location of FrieslandCampina Professional in Lummen (Belgium) was dominated by World Milk Day.
Employees of Corporate Research in Deventer (Netherlands) had breakfast together on World Milk Day. Milk, yoghurt, fruit and cereals were available. All employees were asked to participate in a survey regarding their breakfast habits. And of course they all raised their glasses to milk.
At the central office in Amersfoort (Netherlands) a special team distributed milk among the employees. During lunch all employees were surprised with a singing act about the goodness of milk. In the afternoon there were milk cocktails.