Milner launch in Spain

24 February 2011

Full of flavour and yet with 40 percent less fat. The promise that comes with Milner 30+ cheese is embraced by numerous consumers throughout Western Europe. For several months now, Milner can also be found in the large Spanish supermarkets. This is how FrieslandCampina Cheese Specialties is trying to strengthen its cheese activities.

Spain has a reputation to uphold where it comes to cheese. Soft and semi-hard cheeses made from sheep, goat and cow milk are available in all forms and sizes. Apparently cheese is highly appreciated in Spain. The Spanish market for cheese shows a permanent growth. No wonder since Spain offers its consumers a wide range of beautiful cheeses, with the tasty Manchego as living proof. Roser Faus, marketing manager: ‘Manchego is the dominant variety in Spain (35% of total market). Its volume is by far the biggest in this country. It focuses on indulgence and shared consumption moments. Beside that we have the white/fresh cheese category which holds an important market share as well. We think however that the Spanish consumer is ready for a new generation of cheese: Milner a combination of a low fat cheese with the authentic taste of cheese.’

Less fat
‘Milner was launched in Spain with a trial in the province of Catalonia’, says Mathieu Prieur, brand manager for Milner. ‘Fifteen per cent of all Spanish people live in this province. So we started out with a huge sales market and a large group of consumers. The trial went well. We had good results in terms of awareness, segment share and sales. So it was decided to launch Milner nationally. In order to make as many Spanish consumers as possible aware of the positive qualities of Milner, we are supporting the introduction of Milner with a national TV campaign. Consumers here are not very familiar with cheeses that contain less fat, such as Milner. There are two other suppliers of cheese with a lower fat content in Spain, but they market their cheese as purely diet products and targeted to women. That’s something we are keen to avoid. We present Milner as the next generation cheese, full of taste, but with 40 percent less fat. There is a growing awareness and interest in good and nutritious food in Spain..Milner helps you to make a delicious and healthy choice and that’s we like denominating Milner as an example of positive food where health and enjoyment can live together.’
Consumers are confronted with the national roll out through the mass media. Not only a television spot, but also adverts appear in magazines and on the internet. Besides this, Roser Faus:  ‘In order to make consumers try Milner for a first time, we focus on sampling and activation in supermarkets. We are convinced that Milner will set course for its own group of consumers. And we do everything we can to make this group as big as possible.’

In the box
Roser Faus, Mathieu Prieur and the rest of Milner Team work from an office in Barcelona. The sales activities in Spain of the former Friesland Foods and Campina have been integrated. ‘Together, we are now working on strengthening our market position in Spain. By working as a team, we’ve become stronger and that’s excellent news because competition in the Spanish supermarkets is quite fierce.’