New house style for Frisian Flag

11 February 2011

Frisian Flag, Indonesia’s number one dairy brand, has a new logo. The fresh new image underscores the brand values and ties in with the house style of sister brands which FrieslandCampina operates in other Asian countries. The new logo will be introduced in phases.

Frisian Flag has been on sale in Indonesia since 1922. The pet name ‘Susu Bendera’ (which roughly translates as ‘milk flag’) is synonymous with milk for the 240 million inhabitants of this archipelago. Changes were last made to the brand image in 2004, but the packaging design proved difficult to work with. Packaging, too, was in need of a facelift.

More modern, but still featuring a flag
Not only were consumers closely involved in the creation of the new logo, they also tested each step in the process. When asked for their opinion, six hundred Indonesian consumers and shoppers indicated that they were primarily concerned that the logo would continue to look like a flag. While that succeeded, Frisian Flag has nevertheless managed to create a fresher, more modern look.

Link to Foremost and Dutch Lady
The new logo is in keeping with the ‘pulse’ identity launched earlier, in which milk forms the beating heart of the brand. That was already used for Frisian Flag’s sister brands Foremost (Thailand) and Dutch Lady (Malaysia and Vietnam). Now, thanks to their clear linkage, the three brands can work more closely together in the field of brand positioning, innovation and product development. The pulse identity also has a positive effect on important brand values espoused by Frisian Flag.

Since November 2010
Packaging with the new logo was introduced to supermarket shelves at the end of November.  The appearance of a total of 110 product packaging is to be adapted. The introduction of the new logo will be ready by the end of March. The time in between is sorely needed as Frisian Flag products are sold in almost one million shops spread throughout the country. Other product communications, such as displays, will also be replaced.

 ‘Raih Esokmu’
The changes to the house style have naturally not gone unnoticed by consumers. A large brand campaign got underway in December under the heading ‘Raih Esokmu’, which can be translated as ‘Seize your future’. TV commercials and advertisements were created around this catchphrase and road shows and press conferences were also held in various parts of the country to familiarise people with the new house style.