FrieslandCampina wins ‘Lean and Green Award’ for CO2 reduction

11 November 2010

FrieslandCampina has won a Lean & Green Award for the CO2 reduction plan devised by its operating companies, FrieslandCampina Benelux and FrieslandCampina Dagvers, for their logistics operations in the Netherlands. This was announced today during the Connekt conference in Rosmalen by the Sustainable Logistics Connekt Programme. This programme aims to support leading goods logistics companies reduce the CO2 emissions of the logistics chain in the Netherlands by at least 20% up to 2012.

Green vanguard
FrieslandCampina plans to achieve a CO2 reduction in conjunction with three logistics service providers to which it outsources the transport of its products. These are Post-Kogeko, Nabuurs and Simon Loos. FrieslandCampina is one of the 45 new award winners announced this morning by the Sustainable Logistics Programme. Together with 44 previous award winners, these companies make up the ‘green vanguard’ of the logistics sector. The three service providers referred to are also part of this select group in the logistics sector in which thousands of business operate.

Combined loads
The measures employed to achieve CO2 reduction in goods transport for FrieslandCampina include making the transport routes more efficient, actively looking for loads that can be combined, reducing fuel consumption by introducing so-called ‘New-style Driving’ and using bio fuels.

Green order
FrieslandCampina Dagvers and FrieslandCampina Benelux customers will also learn more about the CO2 emissions caused by their orders. Using the Green Order measurement tool, the kilos of CO2 related to the deliveries will be calculated and shown on freight documents. Working with its customers, FrieslandCampina wants to use this information to investigate the options of supplying more sustainably. For example, they can opt to use longer and heavier vehicles or more pallets on each delivery.

Climate-neutral growth
FrieslandCampina is pleased with the Lean & Green Award because it recognises its goal of sustainability in all areas of the dairy chain. “The Lean & Green Award is a great incentive for us to stay in the lead when it comes to sustainable business”, says Erwin Bisschoff, Director of Plan & Deliver of FrieslandCampina Benelux. FrieslandCampina has stated in its ‘route2020’ strategy that it wants to achieve climate-neutral growth over the next few years.

Sustainable Logistics Programme
The innovation programme supports 250 leading companies in the logistics sector who want to commit to reducing their CO2 emissions in 2012 by 20%. Sustainable Logistics is part of Connekt, an independent network of companies and government agencies that joins parties together to work on the sustainable improvement of mobility in the Netherlands.