More than 100,000 visitors to the Dutch Campina Open Farm Day

27 May 2010

65 dairy farms, scattered throughout the Netherlands, opened their doors on Whit Monday during the fifth Campina Open Farm Day. More than 100,000 people, a record breaking number, found their way to participating farms in their neighbourhood where they were instructed on the many aspects involved in the production of Campina milk. Children discovered how exciting a farm can be and were introduced to the cows during personal tours given by the farmers. But there was also plenty of time for treasure hunts, face painting and, of course, sampling dairy.

The farmer, the cow and the Campina brand are inseparably linked as Dutch dairy farmers and their cows form the basis of daily fresh Campina milk, buttermilk, yoghurt, custard and cream. Campina is a brand of FrieslandCampina, the dairy organisation owned by the dairy farmers themselves.

Warm welcome
FrieslandCampina farmers were again delighted to receive the many visitors and to give them the full rundown on everything that goes on at their farms. And given the enthusiastic reactions, the day was again highly successful. According to one visitor: ‘I live nearby and I was interested to see what exactly happens at this farm. It was really entertaining and interesting. The warm welcome, the instructive information and the fun games for the children as well as the good weather made it a great success!’.

But Campina’s openness doesn’t stop after Whit Monday. Throughout the year Dutch FrieslandCampina dairy farmers organise school visits and open days. The dates for the open days can be found on the internet site of the Campina brand in the Netherlands ( and on the Dutch version of the FrieslandCampina corporate web site. Consumers of Campina Boerenland can also learn from which dairy farmers the milk comes from.