First transparency system in the dairy market available for consumers

7 May 2010

Dutch consumers increasingly want an insight into the origins of the food they buy. Transparency is important, particularly for natural foods such as dairy products. FrieslandCampina Dagvers is therefore introducing the first transparency system in the Dutch dairy market to enable consumers to identify where the milk comes from. This system applies to all products in the Campina Boerenland range. Via a code on the packaging, the farmer that supplied the milk processed in that specific product can be traced. The milk for Campina Boerenland is supplied by 130 Dutch organic dairy farmers affiliated to FrieslandCampina. For the Campina brand, this system represents an important step towards further openness on the origins of dairy produce. Possibilities are being investigated for the application of this tool for other Campina products in due course.

From this week, all Campina Boerenland products will carry the ‘Ontdek de herkomst’ (Discover the origin) logo, which shows that the origin of the dairy produce in that product can be traced. If the code on the packaging is entered at, the source of the milk used for that Campina Boerenland product can be shown. The internet application refers back to one of the dairy farmers that supplied the milk in that pack. Milk collection trucks collect milk from different farms in a single trip, for processing in the Campina Boerenland dairy products. A large number of the FrieslandCampina organic dairy farmers present themselves on the website and tell the stories of their own dairy businesses. In this way, Campina Boerenland informs consumers about the origins of the milk.

Open days
In addition to this new online application, consumers can also visit Campina farmers. Throughout the year, Campina farmers organise open days at their farms, which are announced at On Whit Monday (24 May) there is also the Campina Open Farm Day, when visitors will be welcome at 65 farms throughout the Netherlands. During the organic open days on 12 and 13 June, organised by Biologica in the ‘Lekker naar de Boer (Trip to the Farm) promotion, consumers can visit 20 Campina Boerenland dairy farmers.

15 million litres more organic dairy produce
All Campina Boerenland products are made of organic milk from Dutch FrieslandCampina farmers. Dutch consumer demand for organic dairy produce is growing steadily. With the switch to 100% organic milk in the processing of the entire Campina Boerenland range, Dutch consumption of organic dairy produce has risen by 15 million litres, which is more than 10% of all organic milk production by organic dairy farmers in the Netherlands. Campina Boerenland is made of 100% natural ingredients and is produced without any artificial additives. The cows receive organic feed, produced without artificial fertilizers or chemical pesticides. Furthermore, they are guaranteed to spend the summer months out of doors, have more room in their stalls during the winter months and are not given any preventive antibiotics.