Campina takes new step into the world of daily fresh milk to respond even better to the needs of the Dutch consumer

19 March 2010

Campina, FrieslandCampina’s daily fresh dairy brand in the Netherlands, will be making an even greater distinction in the supply of daily fresh milk from May of this year. From then on, consumers can opt for Campina milk (enhanced nutritional value) and milk from the authentic brand, Campina Boerenland (which differentiates itself by its rich, pure taste). In the case of Campina and Campina Boerenland, the distinction starts with the operations management of the dairy farmers, followed by separate collection and processing of the milk. Campina and Campina Boerenland have their own group of dairy farmers.

At Campina, some 300 dairy farmers give their cattle modified feed combined with outdoor grazing, boosting the nutritional value of Campina milk. At Campina Boerenland, approximately 130 dairy farmers apply organic principles (including outdoor grazing). The full, rich taste originates from preparation with organic milk and 100% natural ingredients. We guarantee the authenticity of the Campina Boerenland brand by means of the separate milk flow from the farm gates.

Most popular dairy brand
The Dutch drink a lot of milk: 60 litres per annum on average. Campina is the most popular dairy brand among consumers. Consumers buy Campina because they expect it to be different from other milk. Campina lives up to this expectation by starting the distinction at the farm gate, with what the cows are fed.

Because milk is milk, but not all milk is the same. Milk is a natural source of variation in nutritional value and taste, because farms, cows and the feed given to cows differ. Each dairy farmer can vouch for that. At FrieslandCampina, we have further developed this farming wisdom and supported it with research.

Consumers want to know where their milk comes from. That is what we have learned from contacts with consumers and from consumer surveys. As Campina, we are able to communicate this like no other brand because Campina is the brand of the dairy company, FrieslandCampina, which is owned by dairy farmers throughout the Netherlands. This is currently being highlighted in an advertising campaign in various regions in the Netherlands. This campaign is accompanied by an expansion of the distribution of Campina daily fresh dairy to the north and east of the Netherlands.

Guaranteed home-grown
When Dutch consumers buy daily fresh dairy from Campina, they know that it is guaranteed home-grown and that their purchases contribute to the income of dairy farmers who maintain the Dutch landscape and graze their cows. During the Campina Open Farm Day, which this year too, will be held on Whit Monday, consumers can take a look behind the scenes at various dairy farms. Some 75,000 adults and children have previously attended the Campina Open Farm Day.