Joris Driepinter: milk full of nutrients

4 March 2010

The Dutch Dairy Organisation (Nederlandse Zuivel Organisatie, NZO), the sector organisation for the Dutch dairy industry, is launching a new series of public information activities about milk and dairy products. The series includes science symposia and advertisements in the media, using the ‘Joris Driepinter’ symbol. In adopting this approach, the NZO wants to highlight the wealth of nutrients found in milk and dairy. Because of its many nutrients, milk is a recommend food and an important part of a healthy eating regime.

The campaign is an extension of the public information activities that the Dutch dairy industry have been carrying out for many years. At the heart of the campaign are symposia, which will explore the scientific knowledge of dairy in relation to food and health in greater depth. The NZO will translate this scientific information into public information for professionals and consumers using brochures and advertisements.
The campaign message will be communicated by Joris Driepinter. Between 1965 and 1978, he starred in milk promotion campaigns aimed at children. He now features as the symbol in advertisements with the motto: “Three good reasons to eat or drink dairy every day.”

This will be a three-year campaign, starting in March 2010 and ending in October 2012, half of which will be financed by the European Union. A campaign with the same message will run simultaneously in France. In 2008, the Dutch drank an average of 60 litres of milk per annum per person and ate almost 20 kilos of cheese per person.