Campina the most popular brand in Dutch supermarkets in 2009

26 February 2010

Campina was once again the most popular A-brand in the Dutch supermarkets in 2009. Campina was one of the nine FrieslandCampina brands in the top 100 best-selling A-brands in Dutch supermarkets, according to an annual survey compiled by the IRI market research company for the trade journal Foodmagazine.

Campina also came first in the top-100 turnover ranking. Last year, consumers spent a total of EUR 408 million on Campina products in Dutch supermarkets. The brand includes Campina milk, yoghurt, custard, whipped cream and coffee creamers, Campina Boerenland, Campina Optimel (drinking yoghurts, yoghurts, quark and fat-free custard with no added sugar), Campina Vifit (for improved vitality) and Campina Botergoud (butter).
There have been some shifts in spending patterns, however. Consumption of basic dairy such as milk is under pressure, although Campina is still the biggest brand in this sector. By contrast, demand for products such as Goedemorgen and Vifit have risen.

Other leading brands in the Top 100
The luxury dessert brand Mona, which celebrated its 40th birthday last year, proved popular with consumers and maintained its position in 20th place, accounting for EUR 97.6 million in supermarket sales. This exceeded the figure for 2008.

In 2009 consumers spent EUR 86.8 million on FrieslandCampina’s Friesche Vlag coffee creamers and longlife milk. These products and Friesche Vlag fresh dairy products are grouped under a single heading in the IRI list. Friesche Vlag fresh dairy products are marketed by Arla Foods.

In 24th position (2008: 25th) was Milner, the low-fat cheese. In 2009, consumers spent EUR 86 million on Milner products in Dutch supermarkets, according to the IRI survey.

Appelsientje took 27th place (2008: 24) with EUR 78.7 million in consumer spending and DubbelFrisss was in 56th position (2008: 60) with EUR 47.1 million. Chocomel closely followed DubbelFrisss (taking 50th place in 2008), accounting for EUR 46.5 million in consumer spending. CoolBest came 63rd (previously 47th) and Frico took 94th place (previously 70th) in the IRI ranking, accounting for EUR 30.4 million in consumer spending.