Distribution of Campina daily fresh dairy expanding in the Netherlands

9 December 2009

For FrieslandCampina, Campina is the brand when it comes to daily fresh dairy in the Netherlands, with traditionally strong positions in the western, central and southern parts of the country. Now the operating company FrieslandCampina Dagvers has started to extend familiarity and distribution of Campina daily fresh dairy to the north and east of the Netherlands, where a large number of the FrieslandCampina’s member dairy farmers are located. The initial results are already emerging as a number of chain stores are currently promoting Campina as the brand for daily fresh dairy nationwide. Meanwhile, retail managers are visiting farms to acquaint themselves with the source of Campina’s daily fresh dairy.

For several years now Campina has been the best-selling brand in Dutch supermarkets. Consumers can select from a wide range of daily fresh dairy, marketed under the Campina brand. In addition to semi-skimmed and whole milk, natural yoghurt and vanilla custard, the brand also markets specialities, such as Fruitmelk, Cafresco, cream and a selection of custard specialities.

Dutch origins
Following the merger of Friesland Foods and Campina, FrieslandCampina Dagvers began working on the national roll-out of daily fresh products under the Campina brand. The focal point of this campaign is the origin of the products: Dutch milk produced on the dairy farms owned by members of the cooperative FrieslandCampina. Moreover, sales of products under the Campina brand help boost the overall result of the FrieslandCampina organisation, which is owned by its member dairy farmers.

Creating more value for daily fresh dairy
To ensure retailers and supermarket managers in the north and east of the Netherlands are aware that the Campina brand products are made by dairy farmers ‘just down the road’, they have been invited to visit the local dairy farms of FrieslandCampina’s members. This is a great opportunity for the member dairy farmers to show representatives and supermarket managers the great care that goes into creating milk, each and every day. It also gives supermarket managers, the representatives of FrieslandCampina Dagvers and the dairy farmers a chance to exchange ideas on how to create greater value for daily fresh dairy through distinctive concepts.