Better serving consumer preferences with new ingredients

16 November 2009

What do consumers want when it comes to foods like soups, sauces, desserts, drinks and bakery products? This is the key question addressed by the FrieslandCampina Ingredients business group, which supplies ingredients to food manufacturers around the world. FrieslandCampina will be unveiling several new applications for ingredients during the international Food Ingredients Europe trade fair to be held in Frankfurt from 17 to 19 November. Thanks to these innovations, food manufacturers can improve the structure of their products, lower the fat content and limit additives.

In FrieslandCampina’s global Ingredients business group, international manufacturers of daily and specialty foods find a variety of operating companies, each with its own specialty. These include ingredients that solidify foods, add structure, foam and enrich, among other things. The operating companies share knowledge and are bundled into one business group, Ingredients, which ensures greater innovative strength, increased production capacity, more flexibility and a worldwide client base. In 2008, the Ingredients business group achieved an annual turnover of 1,372 million euros.

FrieslandCampina DMV will be highlighting two ingredients during the FiE: Textrion PROGEL 800 (which creates an appealing structure for quark and yoghurt) and Hiprotal 60MP (a healthy whey-based replacement for fat that is added to cream cheese and yoghurt, for example). Moreover, on the opening day of the trade fair Ellen Ertman, a Nutrition researcher, and Hans Zijlstra, Manager R&D Application Development, will lecture on the specific characteristics of Vivinal GOS and Hiprotal 60MP applications, respectively.

FrieslandCampina Kievit will present itself at the FiE by highlighting its high-quality ingredients that add value to bakery products, drinks, soups & sauces and children’s food, among other things. In these applications, the spray-dried and encapsulated ingredients produced by FrieslandCampina Kievit result in a creamy flavour, longer shelf life, lower production costs and a boost to health thanks to nutritional oils like ARA and DHA.

Vana-Crema 78D, the ingredient in Kievit’s Vana-Crema product range developed from sunflower oil, was nominated for the Food Ingredients Excellence Award. Vana-Crema 78D is an ingredient developed for savoury applications like soups and sauces. It is distinctive in that it enables the saturated fat content to be reduced by a whopping 80 per cent while maintaining excellent flavour.

Satro is the expert when it comes to development, production and sale of spray-dried compound ingredients for the food and vending industry. At the FiE Satro will present its latest compound ingredients, which reduce the number of E-numbers in dairy recipes. For this purpose, Satro food technologists have developed compounds with natural colourings based on natural raw materials for application throughout the dairy industry. For the clean-label dairy products, the Satro Dairy product range offers compounds which do not contain preservatives or gelatine, for example. At Satro in Lippstadt, a suitable compound is developed for client-specific applications, giving dairy products an even ‘more natural’ taste in the future. Under the motto: “Simplify your business with Satro compounds”, Satro will be presenting the new clean-label compound products to the public at Food Ingredients Europe (FIE),

Food ingredients Europe 2009 is the primary platform for every company in the world active in ingredients for specific applications in food and pharmaceutical products. Clients are introduced to the products and learn about the latest developments worldwide.