Increased focus on calf breeding to improve milk quality in Thailand

13 November 2009

FrieslandCampina Dairy Feed and FrieslandCampina Thailand are joining forces in an effort to enhance the management of calf breeding at Thai farms. Better calf breeding and improved health among the calves helps boost milk quality and overall farm management.

The cooperative effort is a logical step: FrieslandCampina Thailand, which supplies a wide range of dairy products to Thai consumers, is already working with Thai dairy cooperatives for the supply of milk. In turn, the cooperatives are customers of FrieslandCampina Dairy Feed. FrieslandCampina is an important global supplier of feed for young animals, including calves. In Thailand, FrieslandCampina Dairy Feed has a strong position in the market for feed for calves. Thanks to this partnership, FrieslandCampina Dairy Feed will be at the very source of Thai milk, which FrieslandCampina Thailand processes into consumer products for the Thai market.

Improving the dairy performance
Recently, several dairy advisors from FrieslandCampina Thailand travelled to the Netherlands, where FrieslandCampina Dairy Feed is located. They were accompanied by a number of staff from the Thai Agriculture Ministry. During this visit, the Thai delegation spoke with FrieslandCampina’s cooperative affairs department and a number of member-farmers. Talks were also held with staff of FrieslandCampina Dairy Feed.

Further steps
This improved farm management scheme will be implemented in a number of model farms in Thailand. Examples of changes include modifications of the calf feed during their first days of life, use of roughage and concentrates, clean water and extra attention to the their health.