Saturated fatty acids in milk not bad for health

8 October 2009

There is no conclusive evidence that saturated fatty acids in milk are bad for health. This is the foremost conclusion reached by scientists during a recent congress in Copenhagen on saturated fat. The internationally renowned scientists came together to discuss the latest research results in the field of the effects of milk on health.

The congress was organised by the European Dairy Association (EDA) and the  Danish Dairy Board. Recent research shows that some saturated fatty acids actually have a neutral or even positive effect on health.

Not all saturated fats are the same
The scientists at the congress argued that there is no reason to think that saturated fats all fall in the same group. Additional research is needed to ensure policy concerning saturated fats is based on sound recommendations. The scientists were in agreement that proposals to tax fat, which the Danish government is currently preparing, should therefore be approached with great caution.

EDA considers dairy an important source of nutrition
According to the EDA, dairy products are an important part of a healthy and balanced diet. Dairy contains many minerals and vitamins as well as essential proteins. Dairy is more than just milk fat and saturated fat. It contains a large variety of fatty acids. The EDA is therefore very happy that the latest scientific results support its vision that the effects of some saturated fats are beneficial to health.

All presentations from the conference are available on the conference website.
More detailed information can be found in the EDA press release