Progress on sale of cheese activities in Bleskensgraaf

18 September 2009

FrieslandCampina expects to sell its cheese activities in Bleskensgraaf (the Netherlands) within the term set by the European Commission. There is therefore no question whatsoever of the Commission taking over the sale, as suggested in the media. FrieslandCampina is completely in control of the sale process and has every confidence that the sale will be completed in accordance with the agreements made with the European Commission.

The European Commission approved the merger of Friesland Foods and Campina at the end of December 2008, subject to conditions including the sale of the cheese production location in Bleskensgraaf.

Bleskensgraaf Cheese B.V. produces and sells 12 kilogram Gouda cheeses and cheese blocks, and has a production capacity of 39,000 tonnes. Edam and Maasdam cheeses can also be produced at this plant. The company has 58 permanent employees and 10 temporary employees. Turnover in 2008 amounted to some €140 million.

FrieslandCampina has now also complied in full with the European Commission’s other merger conditions. The daily fresh dairy activities (Nijkerk Dairy B.V.) have been sold to Arla Foods, the Benelux activities for the Yogho! Yogho! and Choco! Choco! brands have been sold to Milcobel and the Dutch Milk Foundation has been established to make Dutch raw milk available.