FrieslandCampina helps farmers in Asia

17 September 2009

This year, FrieslandCampina has launched two initiatives aimed at supporting local dairy farmers in Asia. In the spring, a retired member dairy farmer travelled from the Netheralands to Vietnam to share his knowledge and expertise. And recently we started a two-year aid programme in Indonesia to improve sustainable milk production.

Under the motto ‘Farmer helps farmer’, in the spring of this year retired dairy farmer, Jan Heida, travelled to Vietnam at the invitation of FrieslandCampina. He gave tips to local farmers to improve their business and revenues, based on his own experiences. Most of his tips related to harvesting animal feed and milk hygiene. The ultimate goal of ‘Farmer helps farmer’ is to improve milk production. It’s not just about boosting revenues; there’s a lot to achieve in the field of food safety in Vietnam.

Quality of life
Meanwhile, the two-year aid programme in Indonesia is focussing on Pengalengan, a dairy area in the province of Western Java. The programme has several aims: to help farmers produce high-quality milk in greater volumes and to introduce a best practice model for sustainable collaboration among dairy companies, local authorities, dairy cooperatives and farmers. Furthermore, the goal is to improve the quality of life for dairy-producing communities.

Dairy farmers can boost their competitive strength by taking part in the project. It also gives them a better chance of surviving in economically challenging times. The farmers get answers to questions about the impact of the cow’s living conditions on milk production and the best milking method. Important elements of the project include improving facilities, providing equipment and holding training courses led by Dutch experts. A laboratory will also be built so the farmers don’t have to wait as long for the results of quality measurements.

More than just money
What is special about both projects is that they are about more than just donating money. Key to the project is the sustainable collaboration among dairy companies, local authorities, dairy cooperatives and farmers.