Increased consumption of Landliebe Landmilch ‘ohne Gentechnik’

7 July 2009

German consumers are buying more Landliebe Landmilch, whereas overall sales of liquid milk in Germany are down on last year’s figures. Michael Feller, Managing Director of FrieslandCampina Deutschland, attributes this positive trend to the Landliebe cattle feed concept ‘ohne Gentechnik’.

The FrieslandCampina cattle farmers who supply the milk for Landliebe Landmilch feed their cows grass and exclusively home-grown, traditional feed, guaranteed free of genetic modification. Under German law, Landliebe Landmilch is permitted to carry the ‘ohne Gentechnik’ stamp.
Following the launch in the autumn of 2008 with 150 million kilos of milk, the Landliebe farmers of FrieslandCampina are now supplying a higher volume of Landliebe milk to FrieslandCampina.

Fits with Landliebe
“The retail trade has confirmed to us that the ‘ohne Gentechnik’ stamp and Landliebe make for an excellent fit”, says Michael Feller, Managing Director at FrieslandCampina Deutschland. Consumers are putting their words into actions. In the first four months of 2009, they bought more Landliebe Landmilch, whereas the market as a whole contracted. The ‘Ohne Gentechnik’ stamp has contributed to the success of Landliebe Landmilch.
The entire Landliebe range is developing well, says Feller: “Our activities, such as a new design, new recipes, innovations and new packaging are having an impact.”

Long term
According to Managing Director, Michael Feller, the long-term aim is for the entire Landliebe range to carry the ‘ohne Gentechnik’ stamp. This means that all the ingredients must be guaranteed free from genetically modified organisms. Particularly for products that contain many other ingredients in addition to milk, it’s a real challenge.