New waste water pipeline for FrieslandCampina Maasdam

6 July 2009

On 6 July 2009, the new pipeline for removing waste water to the water management company, Waterschap Hollandse Delta, officially came into operation at FrieslandCampina’s plant in Maasdam (the Netherlands). Alderman Els Kooijman, member of the polder board Maarten van Hulst and plant manager Ben Oosterom performed the official opening ceremony. The official commissioning meant that the company’s discharge pipe was disconnected from the Maasdam residential area sewage system.

When FrieslandCampina’s plan to improve the water treatment and the removal of waste water from the Maasdam production site was announced, it was clear that the municipality of Binnenmaas (to which Maasdam belongs) and the Hollandse Delta district water board in Maasdam also had plans to upgrade the waste water discharge pipe, clean water pipelines and sewage. When the various plans were being developed, it emerged that the work could very easily be carried out as a single project. In addition to reduced implementation costs, any inconvenience to the residents of Maasdam could be significantly reduced.

“This is a unique and efficient collaboration. Such a large project is an inconvenience to the residents. When it became clear that our plans were well-matched, we got together and decided on a joint approach”, said Ms Kooijman. “This has significantly reduced the lead time of the project and minimised the disruption to residents.”

The project was finished on 1 July 2009 and the remaining work is now virtually complete.