Tighter positioning injects more emotion into Campina brand

5 May 2009

‘Delicious Today, Good for Tomorrow’. That’s the line FrieslandCampina Dagvers will be taking to advertise the Campina brand in the Netherlands in future. This tighter positioning is reflected in a new advertising campaign to be launched this week. FrieslandCampina Dagvers wants consumers to feel even more connected to Campina, which has for years been the country’s best-loved, top-selling dairy brand.

“Dairy is a permanent part of everyday life in the Netherlands. At the same time, consumers are faced with a growing number of dairy products to choose from. In recent years, we’ve responded to that trend by increasing the distinctive capacity of Campina products against other brands and supermarket labels, for example by offering milk with a different fat composition. We’ll continue to pursue that strategy by regularly coming up with topical and distinctive dairy products that appeal to a large part of the population. At the same time, we want to inject more emotion into our brand”,  says Dominiek Franken, marketing director at FrieslandCampina Dagvers. This operating company, which is part of the business group Consumer Products Western Europe, is responsible for daily fresh dairy products on the Dutch market.

Choosing what’s delicious today and good for tomorrow
‘Responsibly enjoying what I eat while feeling good about myself and my immediate environment.’ That’s a trend we’re seeing more and more of among Dutch consumers. It’s an attitude the Campina brand will be aligning itself with, and our new advertising campaign will be the first visible evidence of that. Franken: “Our new campaign addresses the age-old tension between enjoying the moment and the implications of that enjoyment for the future. We want to show consumers that choosing Campina means you can enjoy something that’s good to eat today while still making a healthy choice for tomorrow. That’s because Campina makes dairy products that are delicious as well as being responsible and highly nutritious. So Campina products allow you to enjoy food responsibly and look after your health and development. The pay-off for the new campaign is therefore: ‘Campina. Delicious Today, Good for Tomorrow.’”

Open day
We’ll be holding our fourth successive Campina Open Farm Day on Whit Monday (Monday 1 June), to give consumers a chance to familiarise themselves with the natural origins of dairy products. Both adults and children will be able to discover more about life on a dairy farm through a series of interesting and enjoyable activities held at 55 dairy farms across the country. Franken: ‘Delicious Today, in the sense of being able to play on the farm, and Good for Tomorrow, because our visitors will learn from the experience.’