100 years Lutjewinkel

FrieslandCampina Cheese, Butter & Milkpowder

28 September 2016

The year 2016 is a special year for the cheese production plant of FrieslandCampina in Lutjewinkel. This year the plant celebrates its 100th anniversary! Lutjewinkel has produced North Holland Gouda cheese for many years. However, what is the underlying story of this cheese plant in North Holland?

On 26 September 1916, the then Coöperatieve Zuivelfabriek West-Friesland in Lutjewinkel received its first milk. This milk was processed into butter, cheese and milk products, such as yoghurt, custard, porridge, cream, whey flour and whey protein concentrate. In this year 1916, two million litres of milk were processed into products.


The dairy plant grew under the management of the first chairman and dairy farmer Blaauboer. The number of member dairy farmers increased and five mergers followed in the past five years. Lutjewinkel has been part of FrieslandCampina as from the year 2008.

North Holland Gouda cheese

Today, Lutjewinkel is a professional cheese plant and it is, in particular, well-known for its North Holland Gouda cheese made from meadow milk produced by cows in North Holland. As the North Holland meadows still were an inland sea some centuries ago, the soil has a unique composition. This gives the meadow milk a full taste and a creamy texture by nature. The cheese distinguishes itself by its extra rich and full taste and it was awarded the quality mark Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) by the European Union in 1996. PDO is a quality mark which is assigned to products that have a demonstrable history and are produced by following a recognised and fixed procedure in a certain geographical area.

Add value in Lutjewinkel

Because of its distinctive capacity in the market, the North Holland Gouda cheese of Lutjewinkel helps to add as much as possible value to the milk and so makes a maximum contribution to the earnings of our member dairy farmers. The production location annually processes 450 million litres of milk into cheese and the plant employs about 70 people.

Private ‘Open day’

100 years Lutjewinkel: a great milestone which is the result of the joint efforts of numerous employees! Lutjewinkel has decided to celebrate its 100th anniversary with a private ‘Open Day’ for the member dairy farmers in the region, the neighbours and all people working at the location.

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    Learn more about FrieslandCampina Cheese, Butter & Milkpowder