• Where can I find more information about FrieslandCampina?

    If you would like further information on FrieslandCampina, you can find more information on this website (www.frieslandcampina.com).

  • What kind of innovations is FrieslandCampina interested in?

    While we recognise that all types of innovation can benefit our consumers, we are particularly interested in specific solutions to our defined open innovation challenges. Our Open Innovation challenges are listed here.

  • What is the required level of detail for the submission?

    The submission form must at least provide a good non-confidential overview of the proposed solution. In case you have a published/granted patent, that will usually be a sufficient description of the invention, and you can simply provide us with the details of the patent. Should your proposal be the subject of a pending or issued patent or registered copyrights, you commit to disclose that fact to FrieslandCampina.

    Your innovation submission is more likely to proceed if its description is clear and concise. Please emphasise unique features and benefits that it can offer us and our consumers and clearly address one of our specific innovation needs.

  • What are the evaluation criteria for new submissions?

    Submissions will be evaluated using the following criteria:

    • Probability of success, based on overall scientific and technological strength of the proposed solution
    • Potential for a proprietary position (novel / patentable technology). We strive for ownership or exclusivity in the fields of interest, with freedom to practice globally for the intended application.
    • Potential economic value
    • Operational complexity (supply chain implications, costs, investments)
    • Capabilities and experience of the organisation
    • Expected timescale for scale-up and commercialisation
  • Why can I only submit non-confidential information?

    FrieslandCampina may already be working on similar ideas to yours, and we don’t want to receive information on a confidential basis because such may prejudice the securing of intellectual property, either yours or ours. You should send us enough non-confidential information enabling us to judge whether the area is of interest to us and whether we have existing work on the topic.

  • How to deal with confidential information?

    Throughout the submission process, we ask only for information that imposes no obligations of confidentiality for FrieslandCampina and that does not breach any confidentiality obligations that you owe to others. If confidential information is later required, we will usually ask that you sign a confidentiality agreement to allow for the further exchange of information.

  • Should I patent my idea before submitting it to you?

    If your invention is not protected, then you should only disclose non-confidential information to us, information that would not prejudice any of your existing or potential rights. If this is not possible, you should first seek protection for your invention before disclosing it to FrieslandCampina.

  • What will FrieslandCampina do with my submission?

    After your solution is submitted, you will receive an immediate email confirmation. We will review each submission individually to assess whether it has potential suitability to a specific innovation need. We aim at contacting you within six weeks to inform you about the outcomes of a preliminary review by technology specialists.

    If your idea is still of interest to us after this stage, we will contact you to arrange an initial discussion. If the submission was unsuccessful, we will keep your submission on record to check for suitability against future needs.

  • What sort of business arrangement can I expect if my submission is accepted?

    If FrieslandCampina decides to pursue a submission, collaborative arrangements will be discussed on a case-by-case basis with the potential partner. This could include for example (but not limited to) product supply, license, technology acquisition, patent acquisition, joint research project, etc.
    In all of our relationships, we strive to create an opportunity that is mutually beneficial for both parties.

Do you have an innovation you would like to submit? Please read the terms & conditions for submitting an idea and then use the “Open Innovation submission form” to submit your innovation.

If your question was not answered in the FAQs, please contact us by email at innovations@frieslandcampina.com.