1. FrieslandCampina (i.e., FrieslandCampina Nederland B.V. and any affiliate company of the FrieslandCampina group) shall have no obligation to keep my submission confidential.
  2. FrieslandCampina shall be free to use any information contained in my submission for any purposes, and I shall have no claim or right over the submission. I am not relying upon FrieslandCampina for the protection of my submission.
  3. If my submission is covered by an issued patent, a published or unpublished patent application or a provisional patent application under my control, I understand and agree that FrieslandCampina shall be free to use the submission for evaluation purposes. For any other purposes, I shall rely exclusively on rights provided under the patent laws of the countries in which said patent applications were filed, which shall represent the sole means of protecting my interests in the submission.
  4. I acknowledge that FrieslandCampina may already or in the future be working independently or with third parties on the same or similar technology as covered by the submission, or may have present or future initiatives involving products that may compete with one or more products or technologies submitted by me.
  5. I understand and agree that if I also intend to submit information on a confidential basis, I must not include it in my submission. I can indicate the existence of additional information related to the submission. If FrieslandCampina is interested in receiving such additional information, I must first negotiate a separate written confidentiality agreement with FrieslandCampina.
  6. I am authorised to make the submission and my submission does not include confidential information, trade secrets or other intellectual property of others.
  7. FrieslandCampina has no obligation to report on the reasons of its interest, or of its lack of interest, in the submission. FrieslandCampina may retain all the information in the submission, and shall have no obligation to return to me any material or information contained in the submission.