We are seeking active cooperation with third parties, because we believe Open Innovation can lead to great things

Driven by our fascination for milk, we work hard to discover and develop ground-breaking innovations in dairy and dairy ingredients. Innovations that connect the benefits of milk worldwide to consumers, so that we can help them to achieve a sound basis to move forward in their lives. Open innovation is one way of finding new applications and benefits of milk.

Cooperation with third parties: open innovation

FrieslandCampina has a great deal of knowledgeable about milk and its derivative products. We are proud of our innovations, but we are fully aware that there are also people and businesses with complementary capabilities outside of FrieslandCampina who can support and accelerate our innovation processes. This is why we are seeking active cooperation with third parties, because we believe Open Innovation can lead to great things.

Corporate strategy: route2020

We are mainly looking for innovations that match our corporate strategy route2020 for the coming years. These innovations will contribute to strengthening our most important product groups or help improve our business processes.

What are we looking for?

We are specifically looking for companies with ready to use technologies, but we are open for solutions in any stage of development: basic research, applied research, laboratory prototyping, in production. Solutions would typically involve new product, processing or packaging technology. Whilst innovation drives all areas of our business, we are specifically looking for solutions to our defined open innovation challenges. Discover our concrete Open Innovation challenges.

Who should contact us?

We will consider partnerships with established suppliers, start-ups, academics, individual inventors, entrepreneurs, designers – anyone with a practical innovation that can help us meet our challenges. Our Open Innovation portal is only for submission of new technology solutions that might be of interest to FrieslandCampina.

If your idea relates to one of the following: feedback on an existing FrieslandCampina product, non-technical proposals for new products, new propositions, new flavours, new sizes, ideas for marketing or advertising our products, please submit your idea via the consumer service centre of the respective brand (see details on the product packaging).

Your innovation

If you have a technology you believe would be suitable for FrieslandCampina, we want to hear from you! Of course, we will need a few details to establish whether your idea is genuinely interesting to us. Before you provide us with those details, you will need to read and agree to the Terms & conditions for submitting an idea. Please read the conditions carefully. We appreciate you taking the time to share your idea with us!

In case you have questions during the submission, please read our FAQs.