FrieslandCampina’s commitment to Nourishing by Nature, and to the region, can be seen in our CSR efforts in Asia.


The world’s population is expected to reach 9 billion by 2050. As the need to increase food production becomes more important, FrieslandCampina, through our “Nourishing by Nature” purpose, is addressing global food and nutrition security issues by working with stakeholders throughout the value chain to create initiatives that effects long-lasting and sustainable impact.
See FrieslandCampina’s major initiatives – the Dairy Development Programme and the Drink.Move.BeStrong movement are impacting and nourishing lives every day.

Through our Dairy Development Programme, and working with other private and public stakeholders, we empower local farmers to run their businesses optimally, and raise the quality and quantity of their dairy production. The centrepiece of all our CSR programmes, our efforts are focused on the areas in which we can secure and advance the farming industry for the next generation.

According to UNICEF, a collaborative, multi-sectoral approach is key to achieve the best outcomes for intervention and prevention programmes. Drink.Move.BeStrong enables FrieslandCampina to actively contribute to society through a number of programmes which focus on knowledge exchange, innovation and the recognition of shared values.

Drink.Move.BeStrong encourages children across Southeast Asia to consume nutritious food and lead active lifestyles. Drink.Move.BeStrong is our call to action to children and families to drink one glass of milk and partake in one hour of physical activity each day to fulfil the recommended daily intake of core nutrients, including Vitamin D, that is vital in helping children grow, develop and be strong.

As part of our Drink.Move.BeStrong programme, we undertake a number of activities including providing access to a daily carton of milk to young children under our region-wide School Milk Programme. We also harness the power of team sports as a vehicle to promote active lifestyles amongst children, partnering with the Junior National Basketball Association (Junior NBA) to bring basketball clinics and activities to schools across Southeast Asia.