Cooperative Jumpstart

FrieslandCampina is the founder of the Jumpstart cooperative, which stands for the profitable extraction of green energy from manure. With this, the cooperative contributes to climate-neutral development of the dairy chain in two ways: less greenhouse gas emissions and the production of green energy from methane. Jumpstart is governed by members, for members. By working together, it becomes more attractive for dairy farmers to operate a manure monofermentation installation on their own farm.

Jumpstart helps members to obtain financing, permits and SDE + subsidy for a manure monofermentation installation on their own farm. For this, Jumpstart makes collective agreements with suppliers and consumers and represents the interests of members towards governments and the sector. Furthermore, Jumpstart also helps with the cooperative value creation of produced energy.
Finally, Jumpstart has developed its own mineral separator together with Fabiton and Askové. The heat that is released during the fermentation process is herein reused when stripping the manure. With the unique combination of fermentation and mineral separation, we create synergy between fermentation and processing.

How does manure monofermentation work?

Manure monofermentation is the fermentation of liquid manure only, in contrast to co-fermentation where animal manure is mixed with other products before intake at the fermenter takes place. Liquid manure is pumped from the storage at the stable to a fermentation tank on daily base. The fermentation tank is isolated from the outside air, kept at the right temperature and stirred regularly. This creates an optimal environment for bacteria, in which biogas is produced from the easily degradable organic matter in the manure. Part of the fermented manure is also directed out of the fermentation tank daily, this is the monofermentation digestate in which all nutrients and the resistant organic matter from the manure are available.

The biogas produced in the digester is used for the production of green electricity and heat or is upgraded to natural gas quality (green gas). The generated green electricity and green gas can be supplied to the regular electricity or gas network in addition to the use at own farm.

Partners and suppliers

Cooperative Jumpstart works with three installation suppliers. Biolectric and BiogasPlus supply installations that produce green electricity and sustainable heat and HoSt and BiogasPlus supply installations that produce green gas. Jumpstart also works with Askové and Fabiton in the field of mineral separation. Agreements have been made with ABN Amro to finance the installations through a lease construction.

Manure monofermentation in practice

Dairy farm Van Poppel has a manure monofermentation installation since 2018 and shares their story here.

“A few years ago, our curiosity was aroused by a meeting from FrieslandCampina where CO2 reduction at milk producing companies was discussed. When it turned out that manure monofermentation could help us to get rid of our manure surplus and expensive fertilizer purchases in a profitable manner, we became really enthusiastic. In addition, we thought it was important to make our company future-proof, given that an acquisition by my son and his wife is planned.

The result was that we signed the contracts for a Biolectric installation and mineral separator with 15 parties in March 2018, had a successful construction and had the installations running in June 2018. In the process we have been greatly assisted by the Jumpstart team, for example in arranging financing, insurance, subsidy, permits and coordination of the process. In short: a huge unburdening and source of knowledge for us!

We can now say that we are extremely satisfied with the results. Every hour, the manure from our stable with Cowrubber floor is collected with collectors and pumped to the digester. The installations produce electricity from the biogas for our company and the remainder is sufficient for around 15 households. Not only do we have lower costs related to the outlet of manure and the purchase of fertilizer, the thick/thin separator supplied by Fabiton provides our stalls with great box filling. We store almost all K2O, MgO, Na and organic matter in our post-fermenter, these form a nice fertilizer for our own land. In addition, the subsidies that we receive for electricity generation and heat utilization, plus electricity sales, ensure a good return. But especially the social appreciation for our fully circular dairy farm is the earning model and gives the next generation of farmers a right to exist. ”

Curious how this process looks like in practice? Watch the VLOG that has been recorded below.