Analytical technique to measure air bubble size in fat stabilised foam


At FrieslandCampina Ingredients we develop whipping agents. The functionality of these whipping agents is related to different parameters of which foam structure of the fat stabilised foam is one of them. Better understanding of the foam structure could help FrieslandCampina to control and steer its processes and recipe to optimal topping functionality.

Description of the need

We are interested in evaluating analytical methods to measure air bubble size distribution and compactness of fat stabilised foams with air bubble sizes below 30 microns. The measurement must be non-invasive, i.e. it should not change foam structure.

What we know already

We are aware of Dynamic Foam Analyzer from Kr├╝ss and microscopic analysis, like CSLM to analyse foam. Microscopic techniques that compress the foam are not suitable, as compression changes the bubble size. New techniques based on ultrasound may offer a solution.


The analysis method should capture foam structure in images with analysing software to calculate average bubble size and count of air bubbles in a certain volume or surface.