Valess – deliciously special

Do you like delicious and varied food? And you’d like something else than meat or fish? Then you should discover Valess. It’s a lovely product with a juicy bite and a unique, irresistible taste. A good addition to a tasty meal and it offers indulgence without compromising taste and variation.

Valess: made from milk

Valess is made from milk and thus filled with all kinds of nutritious components that are invaluable to you. The milk comes from farms and farmers who love their cows and take good care of them. Due to special herbs and spices, it surprises with its unique taste and the savoury meat-like bite and juiciness.

Many variations

Launched on the Dutch market in 2005, followed by Belgium in 2007 and Germany in 2009, the assortment now varies from the original breaded and filled filets, like the Valess Champignon, to unbreaded products for cooking or frying. The versatility of the products makes it easy for everyone to create a surprising, tasty meal which the whole family can enjoy.

There are many variations, so there’s plenty to discover. The website offers recipes and shows how it’s is made.

Dutch website
Belgian website
German website


The idea for Valess came from a food technician named Adriaan Cornelis Kweldam. He was a former souschef in the Amstelhotel (Amsterdam, the Netherlands). He combined algae and dairy to create a new, fiberlike structure. It showed remarkable resemblance to meat. Because his father was a butcher, he knew what he was talking about. Adriaan showed his discovery to FrieslandCampina. The company was very excited about the product and in 2005 Valess was introduced.

Today, the product is available in quite a few countries in Europe. Visit the websites for more information about how it’s made.