Creamy Creation offers the global beverages industry mixable and ready-made emulsified drinks on a dairy, soy or coconut basis, with and without alcohol. Chances are, if you drink a cream liqueur the ingredients come from FrieslandCampina.

Tailored to customer wishes

Our products are tailor-made for our customers. New flavours, new applications: we consider it a challenge to help our customers move forward.

Est. 1979, now market leader

Creamy Creation was established in 1979 as a Business Unit of one of the previous FrieslandCampina companies, one of the world largest dairy cooperatives. Today, we are the market leader in emulsified beverages serving a worldwide customer base. Our experience and knowledge, plus our understanding of markets are unmatched in the industry. As well as manufacturing emulsified beverages for the largest distillers in the world, we also supply companies in the nutritional beverages market who look to us to handle not only manufacturing but also concept development, R&D, packaging and the legal side of launching a new beverage product.

Production in the Netherlands

Our production facility is located in the Netherlands. We also supply out of the USA through our partner O-AT-KA. Alongside this, we have a global network of agents.

Being part of FrieslandCampina gives us direct access to a reliable supply of high quality natural ingredients as well as a vast amount of expertise in food and beverage technologies.

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