Valess at McDonald’s

9 June 2016

Burger chain McDonald’s in Austria offers its customers a choice between chicken or the vegetarian Valess for six classics on the menu. This shows that vegetarian food is getting more popular, also in countries in which people love to eat meat, such as Austria and Germany.

Meat consumption is steadily decreasing in the western world. Therefore it is also stated that the current generations will be the first and the last to think that it is normal to daily eat meat.

Main-course salads and McDonald’s

In Germany, meat substitute Valess is mainly used in main-course salads. Valess is a product of dairy company FrieslandCampina, which already has supplied McDonald’s with soft ice-cream and milkshakes in Europe for many years. The company expects the McDonald’s locations in other European countries to follow the initiative of McDonald’s in Austria.

Milk proteins and algae extract

Valess was introduced as a vegetarian product in 2005. The fibre that it consists of is made from milk proteins and algae extract. The Valess dough is made by binding the fibre with eggs, spices and herbs. From this dough products are made like schnitzels and dices. This product is unique because of its good taste, its firm bite and its juicy mouthfeel.